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In 1934 when Dorothea Brande's 'Becoming a Writer' was published, there were very few books offering advice to aspiring writers, and it was devoured with enthusiasm. Even now, 70 years later, despite the fact that dozens of books on some aspect of the subject have been bought or borrowed, it is read and quoted.

Now we have Lynne Hackles' Handy Little Book crammed with hints and tips, 40 pages of 21st century sound bites, laced with wit and humour, instead of 170 pages of earnest advice in old-fashioned prose.

Why didn't Lynne tell me years ago to 'Come out of the closet. Admit you are a writer'?

And I love: 'Write about what you know - when you've worked out what that is;' followed by: 'Write about what you don't know. Learn by exploring unfamiliar areas.'

And how about this: 'For fun, plan a robbery, murder, anything illegal - and write about it.' And 'If there is someone out there who is really getting to you, murder them in a story.'

And an invaluable tip: 'Cross out your first paragraph and then the next one until you reach the beginning.'

And the best advice of all: 'Switch off that negative voice in your head. Believe in yourself.'

I agree with Jane Wenham-Jones when she said: 'Everyone who writes or who has ever wanted to, should have a copy of Lynne Hackles' tips.'

Lynne has been a professional writer for years, tackling everything from greeting cards to short stories to novels, and hundreds of students have benefited from her experience and expertise.

At 2:99 + 50p p&p, how can you go wrong? It is stimulating, inspiring, motivating. Prods galore. A mini booklet to tuck into the pocket of your jeans or slot into your handbag, a stocking-filler for yourself or a friend. It's going fast. Order now, before stocks run out, from NAWG, (Handy Little Book for Writers) 40 Burstall Hill, Bridlington YO16 7GA. (Cheques payable to NAWG)

Jean Currie 2004


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